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About Me

About Me

Here’s a familiar face: Rosalie Brown! With well over 1,000,000 personal training DVDs sold under the PT Fitness line, plus training videos from Total Gym, and now with the Simply Fit Board team, you could call her your personal trainer! You have seen her on The Shopping Channel or QVC with the Total Gym, Simply Fit Board, Leg Magic, Maxi Climber or Zumba; just some of the many innovative fitness products she has been promoting on air for over 20 years. And even if you don’t own any of the DVDs, she is now generously sharing her workouts on YouTube.

Rosalie Brown began her fitness career at the University of Waterloo in Canada. While earning her degree, she developed her skills as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Upon graduation, Rosalie owned and operated 3 successful fitness clubs. She introduced several fitness techniques and programs that helped her business grow from 150 to over 1000 members in just 2 years. 


Not only is Rosalie one of the most influential personal trainers in Canada, but she has been keeping people fit all over the world. By working for Total Gym, one of the largest fitness distributors and marketers in the United States, Rosalie has hosted several televised infomercials and appears regularly on TV shopping networks in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. Rosalie has worked with celebrities and professional athletes including singer Paula Abdul, boxer Lennox Lewis, actress Suzanne Somers, gymnast Mitch Gaylord, everyone's favourite business woman from Shark Tank Lori Greiner, and hockey great Bobby Hull. 

When Rosalie is not traveling the globe, she teaches group fitness, trains in her home studio, and runs testimonial studies for products she endorses. Being involved with testing new products is one of Rosalie’s favourite projects. These studies usually involve 8 weeks of working out 5 days a week with groups of 16-20 participants. Rosalie works closely with other fitness professionals such as Candice and Douglas Brooks to develop programs for these products. These programs are often life-changing for its participants. More than once, a non-exerciser in the study has become so motivated that they have gone on and become certified trainers themselves. 

Rosalie Brown continues her quest to make fitness fun, exciting and affordable for both experienced and novice fitness enthusiasts alike.

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